The visionary skincare founder disrupting the beauty world

The Romilly Wilde ethos has always been to disrupt the norm. From the start, they wanted to create something unlike anything else on the market. Their products create an immediate sense of integrity, purity and transformative impact on the skin and on the environment. With the backing of some serious awards and accreditations from leading industry bodies, Romilly Wilde is changing the way people think about skincare and science in the same space.

We sat down with their founder Susie Willis to dig a little deeper:

What motivated you to start ROMILLY WILDE?

I’m obsessed with ingredients and I’m incredibly forensic when I look at how anything is made. I’ve always kept an eye out for the ‘hidden’ ingredients that are not actives, their origins and levels of sustainability and safety which goes way back to when I launched an organic baby food business. 

After successfully exiting the baby superfood business, I set my sights firmly on skincare. My mission was to change the way topical skincare was being formulated with biotechnology. Romilly Wilde skincare was born, setting an industry standard for efficacy and sustainability.

What are your top 3 lifestyle tips to maintain healthy skin?

Hydration, sleep and movement.  If you don't like drinking water (I only drink sparkling), swap it out for herbal tea. I drink litres of herbal tea such as Pukka ginger, turmeric or olive tea.  When I struggle with sleep I take CBD drops and listen to the sound of nature such as rain or crickets!

Why is sleep so important for skin health? 

Sleep has always been my superpower, but recently I have really struggled.  My mind is overactive and there are so many distractions, and I seem more sensitive to sound and light.  Sleep is crucial to the body regenerating and supporting cell recovery.  It is not just about feeling sluggish the next day, but our bodies need that nocturnal ‘reset’.  It actually does make your skin healthier.

Describe your nighttime skincare routine. 

Bath with Olverum bath oil, and I leave on the Romilly Wilde Light + Energy Serum Cleanser as a mask as it is super nourishing, and literally melts away the day.  I then follow with Night Duty Face Cream with a few drops of Active Boost Face Oil. This combination gives me over seven biotech actives that have clinical studies behind them. Next I’ll apply our incredibly soothing Eye Believe Eye serum which has eight biotech actives, one of which is known as ‘Nature's Botox’.  I often use the Sculpting Facial Roller around my jaw, cheekbones and brow bone to not only relieve any tension, but also to help with lymphatic drainage.

What are the most common issues for skin around the eyes and how do you recommend treating them?

Puffiness and dark circles are the most common complaints, but also crow’s feet after the age of 40.  My absolute recommendation is NOT using your face cream as a solution, as a formula specifically for the face will be too heavy for the eye area.  You need something specifically designed to be light and easily absorbed to the eye orbital, with targeted actives that stimulate and support the delicate eye area.  It is a completely different skin biology and needs specific actives to help alleviate any issues in this area.

With so many skincare brands these days, how can someone make sure they choose the right one for them?

Interesting question.  I guess the only way you will know if the brand is the right one for you is on an instinct.  Are they transparent, do they resonate, are their values aligned with yours, are they approachable, human, and look at the INCI (ingredients).  Any ingredient can be googled and if a brand is honest about their sourcing and principles, both from a product perspective and a more outward principle of ethical practices etc, PLUS their science stacks up, then it should all be there for you to judge, at a glance.  If not, why not.

What's the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a founder of a beauty brand?

The ever changing world of regulations, with no global positioning that fits all criteria.  DIfferent rules for different regions, therefore different safety assessors, labelling etc.  As a small brand we always pursue total adherance and compliance, but it takes a great deal of resource.

If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Nothing.  I am proud of everything as even from the hardest moments, we have learnt, I have become stronger and I have a more  adjusted ‘eye’ on my instinct on people and decision making.  Patience, perseverance and more patience.

Who inspires you the most?

Cheesy but my husband!  He is cool and methodical.  He is the brakes and I am the accelerator.  He is my mentor, my guru and he always trusts my decisions.  He inspires me because he is the opposite of me and also he is incredibly kind which amongst all traits, is the most inspiring.

Which Romilly Wilde product is your go to and why?

The Active Boost Face Oil.  It literally is my desert island product, as it is so versatile.  It is an ‘active’ oil, and smells divine too.  Very uplifting and absorbs easily into the skin.  It is great for family on holiday for an SOS product too as it is anti-inflammatory and nourishing.

What is it you love about sleeping with a Drowsy silk sleep mask?

I dont normally love sleeping with a mask as I normally find them more of a distraction because they are either uncomfortable or dont fit me properly.  The Drowsy mask fits like a glove and completely envelops my whole upper face, so there are no gaps for light, plus my ears are covered too.  I now have three as my husband stole my first, plus I always have one for flying and always have one under my pillow.  I now associate sleep with this mask, such soft silk too.


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