CSR Statement

Drowsy®  Corporate Social Responsibility

As a new business launching in the UK in 2019, CSR is very important to us.

We strive to ensure the best ethical and sustainable practices throughout all of our own procedures and make sure that any suppliers, manufacturers or partners that we work with adhere to the same level of social responsibility. 

There hasn’t been a more important time in history to protect our planet. This isn’t a choice, it's a responsibility. So making sure that sustainability is thought about at every stage of the Drowsy journey from plant to pillow is how we can sleep peacefully at night. 

We want to demonstrate that is perfectly achievable to be a new business in 2019 and from the very beginning be aware of our impact on the environment and in every decision we make, be thinking of what we can do to reduce it. 

We also want all of our employees, customers and any communities that we have working relationships with to be treated fairly with respect and importance. 

How we work & our commitments:

Legality & Business Ethics

We make sure that we are conducting our business in a modern and responsible way by: 

About Our Manufacturer 

We work with a family run UK manufacturer who adhere to good manufacturing practice. Obligated to comply to a recognised standard of GMP such as ISO 22716 when making cosmetic products, all staff are properly trained and are thorough in the production process, observing high standards throughout. 

All staff are employed officially with proper contracts.

Packaging is reused wherever possible, including bubble wrap and plastic foam packaging.

Anything that can’t be reused is recycled when possible. 

All printers are greenprint approved, and printing is limited to essential documents only. All electric machinery and tools are switched on only when being used to reduce energy consumption. The energy supplier uses renewable energy sources and invests in renewable energy power such as solar and bio gas.


All of the ingredients that go into a Drowsy bottle have been COSMOS approved. Cosmos is the European standard for organic and natural products in cosmetics. 

What makes a COSMOS ingredient?




The alcohol used in our products is 100% organic.


Wherever possible we have tried really hard to eliminate plastic from our products and more importantly, single use plastics. This is why we opted to have no plastic wrap to seal the box as other companies do. Unfortunately the plastic atomiser and lid were essential in creating the fine mist that is released when the pump is dispensed. This allows the fine molecules to land onto the pillow without causing excessive dampening of the fabric. Both of these plastic components however are 100% recyclable. 


The printers for the labels are in the UK and do support FSC® recycled paper, however once the adhesive has been applied, it makes it very difficult to recycle the label. We are currently looking for an alternative way to apply a label so that it can be fully recycled. 

Vegetable based inks are used wherever possible. 

They have designed their set-up to encourage minimal waste. They source papers responsibly and fully recycle and waste created where possible.

Glass bottles

The glass bottles used for Drowsy products are produced in the EU using a variable proportion of recycled glass. The supplier for our bottles is ISO 14001 regulated. This means that they must consider all environmental issues relevant to its operations such as air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation and resource use and efficiency. 

They also comply to SEDEX - SMETA the globally recognised social audit procedure to assess responsible supply chain activities including labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. 

Plastic atomisers and lids

The lids for the Drowsy State of Sleep Pillow Spray are manufactured in the EU and can be largely recycled, however, due to the construction of them, the components must be fully broken down to be fully recycled.


All of our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. Plant based inks through CMYK process are used on our boxes which unlike chemical ones are not harmful to the environment or people.

Our boxes can be 100% recycled and are biodegradable. If not recycled by our consumers, these will decompose when exposed to sunlight. 

Tertiary packaging box

Insert Leaflet*

(*Refers to the insert leaflet inside the box. The printers we work with promise the following:) 

Our fulfilment partners

Amazon UK


Protecting the Environment

Energy consumption + carbon management

What? Finding alternative and low energy solutions to systems such as lighting and cutting down on energy consumption.

How? Installing LED and energy saving bulbs in our office and educating our team on how to save energy on a day to day basis.

Reducing Waste

What? Minimising our waste output.

How? Buying Wisely - reducing waste at the source. Purchasing products that can be reused. Recycling as much as possible. Educating on staff on how to recycle properly and effectively.


Currently all our employees are lucky enough to be able to cycle and walk to work. Happy days! :)


We recycle everything we possibly can. Even our office coffee capsules get recycled. Anything that can’t be recycled gets disposed of responsibly.

Waste disposal/disposal of harmful substances

Some ingredients used in cosmetics or certain products can be harmful to aquatic life and should never be allowed to enter the ecosystem. In the lab where our Drowsy sleep sprays are created, the management is carefully planned to make sure minimal substances need to be disposed of. However large containers or any surplus is disposed of correctly at a local site registered with the Environmental Agency.