Hello. We're Drowsy. We're  a beauty and wellness start up based in Barcelona with big dreams of changing the world with sleep. We're looking for creative, passionate, good times people to join our family and use their uniqueness to help us grow. We work hard, we party hard and we reward our crew for their efforts. Working for us is not a job, it's a way of life, where sleep always comes first.


Drowsy is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all people regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender, or gender identity or expression.  If you see yourself in this role and you think you can meet the key requirements, we would love for you to apply! :) Or, do you know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


What do we look for?

If you are an expert in your field then this is always welcomed. But, we put people first. If you match our values, work ethic and give us the right vibe, then we will consider you regardless of your experience. The important thing is that you have high potential to grow and can show that you will deliver results even in the face of limitations.  It's not about what you've done, it's about where you're going and what you can bring to our team.

Why join now?

This is just the beginning. We are growing fast. Early members of our team will be on the front lines and will be rewarded accordingly. As we grow, you will grow with us and the sky is the limit. Be an influential part of that growth.

You can genuinely make a difference. Insomnia is a chronic global problem. With your help we can change the world with sleep.

Work directly with the founders. Be part of a tight family atmosphere where you work alongside the founders to help shape the future of the company.


We can always be better

Hard work, constant improvement, innovation and change keeps us fresh, exciting and ahead of the curve. We make mistakes, learn from them and move forward.

We love people

From our customers, to our staff, to the world. We want to empower, unite and make a difference to the lives of people. Without the people Drowsy is nothing.


We are unashamedly us. Bare all to the world, stand proud and always be different. We actively seek to stand out from the crowd.

All ideas are valid

Creativity is queen, and until proven otherwise all ideas are worth pursuing.

Attention to detail

The little things matter. A word, a colour, how you say something, giving someone an extra moment. We are meticulous in every detail of our work.

Luxury living

Life is short. We believe that the little luxuries make it all worthwhile. We are proudly pro pampering, self care and treating yourself.


🥇 Competitive salary — Our salaries are in the top percentiles of the Barcelona startup scene.

🩺 Private health insurance — We take care of your health, so you can work worry free.

💰 Annual wellness allowance — A yearly budget to spend on wellness equipment of your choice.

🏝 22 holiday days + All Spanish bank holidays - And we work half days on Fridays so you can kick start the weekend early!

 📈 Performance related bonuses - Receive a yearly bonus based on company profit and personal performance.

🤸 Semi flexible work schedule - We like to see your face, so ask for you to work in the office for 3 days a week. The rest of the days it's up to you!

💰 Large potential for growth and personal development - We want you to grow in the company and are here to help you develop with us.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 In-person, family work culture - Nothing beats the feeling of being in the zone with the whole team together, both at work and after hours socialising. We value your freedom but love it when everyone's together.

🥑 Team lunches — A family that eats together, stays together. We take it in turn to cook healthy lunches for the team and we also go out for a team meal at least once a week.

💻 The hardware that you need to be most productive - We buy the kit you need to get you fully optimized.

🏰 Beautiful office in Plaza Catalunya — It doesn't get more central. Our offices are where the magic happens and the surrounding area is where it's at.

We make it work — Have kids? Live far away? Do you have a non-normative life setup? The thing we care the most about is the team. Once we know we want to work with you, we make it work.

Our passion for the perfect night's sleep keeps us pushing forward to make Drowsy a beauty industry leader. If the thought of diving into the chaos of a start up and actively leading it to the next level fills you with excitement then we want to hear from you. If our values, work culture and ethics align with yours, and you believe you have real value to bring to our team, then we want to hear from you.