The Drowsy Story

Girl relaxing in bed with sleep spray


We’ve been through it all: Long nights staring at the ceiling; restless nights tossing and turning; Pre-bed stress when you’re thinking this just isn’t going to happen; long days feeling exhausted; productivity and mood at an all time low.

At some stage in the last 10 years of our lives, little triggers started piling up that made sleep gradually more and more difficult. Somewhere in between busy social lives, increasing work stress and mounting family responsibilities, sleep seemed to start escaping us.

Suddenly without realising we’d got into a downwards spiral where any one of these triggers was contributing to bad sleep on a regular basis. This meant life became focused around sleep - Will I sleep well tonight? was the big question that took over from the lifestyle triggers, meaning the issue took on a whole new level. Now sleep was a fully psychological thing, and the more we stressed over it, the harder it became.

We began to realise that this is something super common that no one seemed to be talking about or taking seriously.

What if there was a miracle cure for all your life’s issues and stresses? Wouldn’t that be worth investing in? Well sleep is the miracle doctor that you’ve been searching for, it’s powerhouse list of restorative benefits is never ending. We were amazed how little it gets talked about, yet how valuable the impact of it is.

After months of reading and research we decided to begin right at the beginning, evaluating our lifestyles as a whole and addressing every area that was contributing to our bad sleep. More importantly we decided to prioritise sleep above everything else, developing a fully sleep focused mindset and approach to our lives.

Drowsy is the result of our journey with sleep. We wanted to create a brand that would give people the accessories and help that they need to supercharge their sleep and take the first steps towards a deep-sleep lifestyle. We’re launching with our prized “State of Sleep” pillow spray, whilst we develop our full range of incredible sleep accessories, coming to you very soon.

Get Drowsy. Sleep better.