Drowsy Sleep Co. About Us Page

“We’re here to elevate sleep from an afterthought to an indulgent and glorious ritual.”



Drowsy was founded by brothers Thom and Rich Hemelryk after 5 years managing hospitality businesses together. A combination of business stress, busy lifestyles and bad habits led us to develop a serious case of chronic insomnia. 
Our lack of sleep was affecting all areas of our lives; from work and relationships, to productivity and daytime energy. In what became a major life-overhaul, we sold our business and began to focus on relaxing, de-stressing and sleeping.
In the pursuit of a sleep-focused lifestyle, we realised that it was time to give ourselves some serious self care. Life gets tough sometimes, and we all deserve to balance that out with some quality “me time” at the end of the day.
We discovered 3 game-changers for sleep:
1. Creating a spa-like sleeping environment.
2. Practicing nightly wind-down rituals.
3. Maintaining healthy sleep habits.


Drowsy is the result of our own personal journey with sleep. 
Working closely alongside a professional sleep coach, Michael Hildebrandt, we created the philosophy that lies at the heart of the brand. Our products are designed to enhance the sleep of anyone looking to upgrade their bedtime experience.
Sleep has never been more important. We are more stressed out, anxious and tired than ever before. It is our mission to help people start prioritising themselves and rediscover the restorative benefits of sleep so that they can get back to living at 100%.


"Totally Extravagant. 100% worth it."


We make our products for ourselves.
They are things that make a huge difference to our sleep, and as a result lead us to share them with the world.
Every Drowsy product is designed to offer the maximum sleeping experience with no expense spared. 

"The beauty editors choice."


Our silk masks are manufactured using the highest quality mulberry silk we can source. 
Our objective is to give total comfort and relief to your eyes, whilst blocking all light. 
The cloud-like padding is made using the softest padding for protecting and cushioning the eyes. 


"Like a spa for your bedroom"


We use the finest, most powerful natural ingredients with proven benefits to craft aromatherapy products that work. Every product is laboriously tested and reformulated to create unique signature scents that bring a spa like feel to your bedroom helping you drift off every night.


"Whatever it takes for the perfect night."


We believe in constant improvement in the pursuit of the perfect night's sleep. We are always testing and evaluating our products, whilst listening to our customers feedback. Our aim is to offer you luxury sleep aids so ridiculously good that you wonder how you ever slept without them!
We are proud to be completely transparent about every step of our production process. Please see our Corporate Responsibility Statement for an in depth look at the cogs that run the Drowsy machine.


"Quality, wellness and 10 minutes more." 


Quite simply we believe that quality products give superior sleep. So we strive to bring quality to every aspect of Drowsy products, offering you an unrivalled sleeping experience.

We believe that sleep is the key to physical and mental wellbeing. We actively seek to aid our users in creating the moments of calm that lead to a lifetime of better sleep.

We believe in the power of business to drive social change and awareness. As sleep is so closely linked to mental health, we are proud to donate £1 for every product sold to Mind the mental health charity.