Drowsy was founded by 2 brothers, Rich and Thom Hemelryk. 

After 5 years running hospitality businesses together, we both developed chronic insomnia which got consistently worse as time went on. A combination of business stress, busy lifestyles and bad habits fed into a negative loop that meant we were tired all the time.

Our lack of sleep was affecting all areas of our lives; from work and relationships, to productivity and daytime energy. When you consistently sleep badly, you become obsessed with sleep. In the quest for 8 hours we would regularly end up missing morning meetings, skipping social events and nipping home for afternoon siestas.

In what became a major life-overhaul, we sold our business due to burnout and began to focus on getting back to normality. With a firm belief that medication was not the solution, we pursued a new sleep-focused lifestyle prioritising sleep above everything else in our lives.

We found 3 things to be pivotal in reclaiming the sleep we’d lost over the years:

  1. Practicing nightly wind-down rituals.
  2. Creating a good sleeping environment.
  3. Maintaining healthy sleep habits.

Drowsy is the result of our own personal journey with sleep. Working closely alongside our professional sleep coach Michael Hildebrandt, we created the philosophy that lies at the heart of the brand. Our products are designed to complement this philosophy and enhance the sleep of anyone looking to upgrade their bedtime experience.

We spent 11 months developing our first product, the Sleep S.O.S pillow spray. The aim was to create a fragrance that would not only be highly enjoyable but also works as an effective tool in a bedtime sleep ritual. At the forefront of the blend is efficacy. We sourced premium natural essential oils with known sleep benefits. Originally derived from ancient apothecary gardens, these oils have been used for centuries for their healing and therapeutic properties.

In the current world climate, sleep has never been more important. We are more stressed out, anxious and tired than ever before. It is our mission to help people rediscover the restorative benefits of sleep and start prioritising it in their lives so that they can get back to living at 100%.