An honest review of the viral Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask (that's taken over Instagram)

One writer explains how it's revolutionised her sleep.

If you've ever had trouble falling - or staying - asleep, then you'll know the struggle is real (and just how much of a knock on effect it can have the following day, too). Which is why when Drowsy's Silk Sleep Mask started popping up all over our Instagram feeds, we were keen to put the miraculous-sounding eye mask to the test.

Oh, and not only is the mask well and truly taking social media by storm, but according to Drowsy, sales of it have sky-rocketed by 400% in the last six months too. Many have been spotted online praising it's high-quality Mulberry silk and weighted properties, which fans say set it apart from other eye masks on the market.

Keen to see if the buzz around the mask is true, Cosmopolitan's Fashion Editor, Natasha Harding (a notoriously bad sleeper), put the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask (£69) to the test. This is her honest review:

"I’m a natural night owl who can easily stay up late, but annoyingly I also seem to wake up early too – meaning, I'm definitely not getting enough pillow time. During the summer, getting enough sleep becomes especially difficult for me, as the sun rises at the crack of dawn, jolting me awake.

Of course, I could try overhauling my entire routine and resetting my body-clock in an attempt to go to bed earlier, but I’m just not sure my heart is in it – I love the peace that comes with listening to an audiobook when everyone else is asleep. What would be super helpful, however, is finding a way to fall (and stay) asleep when I’ve finally decided I’m ready to call it a night... whenever that may be.

I’ve tried meditation apps, which have helped to stop my mind from wandering before bed, and they’ve worked with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, they're useless when it comes to blocking out morning light.

Now, I have to say, I totally understand the reluctance to try sleep masks – not all eye masks are made equal. For many, the sole experience of wearing one involves those very flimsy elasticated masks you’re given on planes... But when the Drowsy mask arrived, I was immediately impressed with how cushioned and soft it was. Plus, the adjustable Velcro strap at the back means that you can choose the most comfortable setting for you personally (there's no 'one-size fits all' approach here).

When putting the Drowsy mask on for the first time, it was like being plunged into immediate darkness, and instead of feeling like there was a tightness over my face, it was almost like a gentle, even pressure which helped my eyes to relax. I might not have looked the chicest with a sizeable mask wrapped around my head but it was so damn comfy, I didn’t care.

The first night I slept with the mask on, I fell asleep in about the usual time but awoke at sunrise the next morning – and noticed it sitting next to me. My subconscious clearly needed a little while to get used to wearing it.

But, by the second night,I noticed a big difference. I fell asleep a lot quicker than expected and woke up when my alarm went off (so, not at the crack of dawn like normal), feeling refreshed. As the nights have gone by, I’ve become used to the habit and sensation of wearing the mask, and I think I actually prefer it to sleeping without the mask. It's also improved the amount of sleep I get in the mornings due to the effective light blocking, which is what I was really looking for.

Of course, at £69, this product isn’t cheap (it's made of silk, after all), but I'm happy to invest in something as fundamental as my sleep.

I try not to wear the mask every night, as I'm prone to blemishes on my forehead, but the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask is now a nightstand MVP – and something I reach for whenever I want or need a good night’s sleep. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with it that I’ve just purchased one for my dad, who also wakes up really early in the morning (no guesses as to who I get it from then...)."

Try a Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask yourself.


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