3 phase bedtime ritual for a good night's sleep

Calm your mind with the help of an expert

“We have 60,000–70,000 thoughts running through our minds every single day, and 70–80% of those thoughts are negative.”

This is why breathwork and nervous-system regulation expert, Anna Sillanpää, is so passionate about setting good bedtime practices that clear those thoughts and calm the nervous system. So that we sleep well and get the rest we need – for better emotional, mental and physical health. 

In this very helpful 12-minute video, Anna takes you through a three-step bedtime ritual of gratitude journaling, breathwork and heart-opening visualisation. And it’s as lush as it sounds. 

So, grab paper and a pen, light a candle, get comfortable and…


Hosted by Anna Sillanpaa for Drowsy.
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