Creating Your "To Be" List

Most of us have been conditioned to really value the future. We put an emphasis on how we spend our time: being productive, making sure we work really hard. We say things like time is money now, that is great. Productivity does wonderful things for us. It gets us closer to our goals and helps us be organised.

However, chances are there is an imbalance between your being and your doing. You're most likely a human doing, instead of a human being and we want to restore that balance. So when you do your to do list, whether it's today or tomorrow, instead of only having a to do list of all the things you want to get done in order to be productive, write a "to-be list". A to be list is the essence of feeling you want to carry with you, of how you want to get this to do list done. So whether that's calmness or enjoy or patience, think about the feeling you want to have as you complete this to do list.

There are both important and it will restore a balance back into our lives. You may be even impressed of how much you get done or how you're able to prioritise things when you really understand the feeling you are trying to achieve as you do these things. So, whether it's tomorrow or today that you get started, know that you will need to set some reminders for yourself because none of us can stay in the moment perfect 100% of the time. So if it's patience you want to embody, set a timer on your phone or reminder for a couple of hours somewhere in the middle of your day to remind you. Patience.

That's what we're trying to embody as we complete our to do list or even write it on a sticky note. Overall, just remember the practice is in coming back to the moment, coming back to the the feeling of what we're trying to embody, not staying in it, a hundred percent of the time.

Written and filmed by Melanie Whitney, for Drowsy Sleep Co. 2022

Instagram @melaniewhitney_

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