Unlike the complexity of our Sleep S.O.S, our Sleep Zen blend is a simple yet delicate formulation of just two essential oils: Lavender and Myrrh.

The use of Myrrh for meditation dates back to biblical times. We like to think of it as the zen guru of essential oils. There’s just something about that smokey sweet scent, that instills instant calm and just totally grounds you. It helps to stabilise emotions and lift negative moods with its restorative and revitalising aromas. 

Sleep Zen is the result of meticulous testing. We tried dozens of different variations of ratios of these two oils until we reached the point at which they meet in pure harmony, with no ego from either side. 

To help you better understand it, we’ve broken it down:

Top Notes - The “first impression” of the fragrance.
A smooth yet fresh hit of Lavender delivers the top herbal notes. Familiar and powerful but not overwhelming. You will notice a slightly smoky, sweet undertone right behind this that is the Myrrh.

Middle Notes - The “heart” or true character of the fragrance.
Medicinal balsamic and warm sensations from the myrrh create the secondary notes you’ll pick out. They are reassuring and purifying aromas.

Base Notes - The long-lasting “body” of the fragrance. 
Ancient stones in an earthy environment come to mind. Here the Myrrh creates a solid and trusting base that promotes mindfulness and a true zen state of mind.